Silica sands

A full range of moist and kiln dried silica sands in a variety of grades and colours including 2EW, Bucbricks, Kingsley, Moneystone and Redhill.

Suitable for bunkers, equestrian, play and jump pits, sportsground, synthetic pitches, top dressing and verti-draining.
Available loose in bulk 20 and 29 tonne loads and pre-packed in 25kg bags (minimum order may apply)

Bunker Sands

A full range of moist sands in a variety of colours including Leighton Buzzard, Bucbricks, Kingsley, Redhill, Messingham and Chelford

Kiln Dried Sands

Suitable for top dressing, verti-draining, synthetic pitches.

Equestrian Sands

Washed and screened fine sand for horse ménages.

All available loose in bulk from 10 to 29 tonnes.  Smaller quantities in pre-packs from 1 tonne.